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What is the Be Local Network?

Be Local is the region’s premier shop local promotion and education network. This program is dedicated to strengthening the region’s economy and promoting locally-owned, independent businesses by educating residents and visitors about the importance of shopping local.

Discount card program

Participating businesses in each market will offer an exclusive and enticing discount to card holders. Discount cards can be used in any region of the Be Local Network!

Network Partners

Local businesses help communities become more prosperous, entrepreneurial and connected as well as giving it its unique character. They tailor their products, services, and practices to best suit the local community. Local stores serve as more than just places to shop, but as a gathering places, places to catch up with neighbors, find out the latest news, and share stories about family and friends. Locally-owned business owners also have a higher commitment to the overall wellbeing of community as most live in the area.

Local business owners are friends, neighbors and relatives and live in the community so they are more invested in the prosperity and future of the community. They understand that if their neighbors aren’t doing well, their own business won’t either. They strive to support their community because the community supports them.

When you buy local more of your money stays in your community and is reinvested in the local economy to pay your friends and neighbors wages, to create new jobs, to pay local taxes, to make improvements to the store fronts that will enhance the local character, and to support community and non-profit groups.

Become a tourist in your backyard and take that well deserved R&R and save money by not having the extra expenses and stress of travel and accommodations. And by staying local, you are investing your vacation dollars into your community. Here are 8 reasons to become a local tourist:

  1. Easy to plan
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Stress free
  4. Relaxing
  5. Set your own pace
  6. Learn more about your local community
  7. Invest your money into your community
  8. Sleep in your own bed

    Visit the Institute for Local Self-Reliance for more information about the benefits and impact of buying locally.
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